There's a reason that wine and cheese is a classic, and we're bringing you the very best! Handmade with only the finest ingredients, these cheeses are so good, you "Camembert" to miss them!


 Now you can be part of the club! When you stop by, be sure to ask about "Club Cardamon", where you'll receive a special punch card which you can use to earn great discounts on some of our favorite products!


New offerings

our home



What's better than a cool summer margarita? Our amazing new Wine-aritas! A Cardamon Family Vineyards exclusive, these are great summer treats that go with any occasion!



After years of talking about it, they're finally here! These succulent, flavorful tacos are made with all natural ingredients and make their debut summer 2016!

Once we had our wines made and our salsas created, we needed a place to serve them! Initially holding tastings inside our micro-winery barn, we soon ran out of room and moved out to a tent in the driveway.  But as we were making more and more wines, we needed a proper tasting room.

 We decided that we wanted the true sense of family every time someone joins us for a drink. That's why our brand-new Tasting Room is part of our home, in every sense of the phrase. 

 With warm Tuscan-themed colors, maple finishes, standing tables, a bar to share stories, and even outdoor seating to enjoy the beautiful rolling hills of Virginia, you'll feel right at home when you visit us. That makes you part of our family!

Our home is yours, every time you drink with us!