Our 100% pure apple wine is a fan-favorite, and we can't wait to share it with you! Fermented in stainless steel and with a 4% residual sugar, this lovely summer wine has a mature, crisp finish and a nose of the freshest, ripest apples. Enjoy with a BBQ feast, or any time!



A neighbor’s blend of California Zin with Elderberry and Blackberry, which has been a Loudoun county staple for a dozen years. With the 4% residual sugar in this wine, you'll get a nose of Big Berry and Seafoam, with a sweet aroma of cherry and blackberry on the taste and finish. Even though it's a red, definitely serve this one chilled--you'll thank us for it! (Note: This is the only wine we did not create ourselves; we purchased the inventory from a neighbor's winery a few years ago. It's still delicious though!)



Named for our "know-it-all" grandson, this 100% Petite Verdot was aged 2 years in French oak, giving it a chocolatey, earthy taste and a long finish. You'll also get hints of cherry, leather, and tobacco, making this the wine of scholars, just like Noah!



This 100% Seyval Blanc is a beautiful wine to enjoy the sunset with, as it gives you a taste of tart green apples and licorice. It's nose of toast with marmalade evokes sitting on the porch with family, which is exactly how we love to enjoy it!




An eclectic mix of Petite Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot, this deep red was released after 3+ years in an American Oak barrel, and has a taste of what we like to call the "Fruit Bomb". Its nose of Dark Cherry, Stone Fruit, and Mineral finishes make for an amazing red, and you'll love it even more with grilled meats and sharp cheeses!



A blend of Muscat and Cabernet Franc wines, this rose is a bit darker than what you may be used to, but makes up for it with a fresh berry taste. It was aged in both stainless steel and oak, giving it a zesty mix of berries and spices with a dry finish. Definitely a great wine with a grilled duck or nice turkey!



Named for our "bubbly" granddaughter, this not-quite-a-sparkling white is a Petit Manseng, with bright notes of Apple, Peach, and Apricot. We left a little CO2 in the wine as a spritzer, and when you taste it, you'll get the fizzy, bubbly, summer-esque feel that out little Ainsley brings to everyone she meets!


When you drink with us, you're drinking with family.



This is everything a 100% Cab should be, with a nose of berries and flowers and a long finish of strawberries and licorice. It was aged 3+ years in American Oak, and is best served with sharp cheddar and great company!





A red wine blend meaning “my sister”, named in memory of Ana’s late sister, Maria.  We've introduced several versions of this wine in the past, but this one is definitely our favorite! A beautiful blend of left-bank Bordeaux grapes, this red has been aged 4+ years, with a very smooth taste of cherry, smoke, and orange. The soft finish exudes refined taste, and you'll feel as relaxed and comfortable as the company of Maria made us feel!



A sweet blend of 5 different grapes, this springtime white was fermented in Stainless Steel and has 1% residual sugar, giving it a honey-like finish, with hints of orange peel and peaches. Great with fried chicken, this is the wine we drink when thinking of Virginia!