A fan favorite as well as ours, we put our "New World Style" on this Ancient Eastern-European white by balancing the fresh acidity with a citrus finish. The Rkatsitelli grape has been made into wine since 6,000 BC in Georgia, but only since 2012 at CFV! You'll love this 2016 vintage with a grilled halibut or as a nice end to your day!



Duesili is a word we made up to mean our second (due) son-in-law (sili). Charlie is a multi-faceted man, so we blended Vidal Blanc and Seyval Blanc, a couple of hybrid grapes, and sweetened it slightly to balance the natural acidity…just like Charlie is very balanced in his approach to life.



This Estate Grown blend of our Semillon, Pinot Gris, and Sauvignon Blanc white grapes is as beautiful as its namesake, our daughter Michelle. Barrel-aged with MLF in Minnesota oak, you'll sense the crisp taste with a soft, creamy finish.



Terese is "Our Favorite Daughter In Law". She is a little sweet, and likes her wines the same way. This white is a sweet mix of 3% residual sugar with Vidal Blanc grapes to give it a flowery, light taste!


Coming Soon!

This​ elegant red, named for my daughter Victoria, is a blend of our Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Petite Verdot, and Tannat grapes. It is aged in barrel oak, and is as classy as the woman it's named after!



Our Apple wine has returned, but this time it is a bit sweeter with more acidity. Ripe apples are great for Summer sipping, marinating pork, or while barbequeing.




Our newest red, this is a 100% varietal of Merlot, aged in 2nd year Minnesota Oak.  Named for our first Grandaughter, this wine is light, fruity, with subtle tannins. Just like it’s wonderful namesake young lady, once you are introduced to this wine, you will want to spend more time to get to know it better.



A neighbor’s blend of California Zin with Elderberry and Blackberry, which has been a Loudoun county staple for a dozen years. Get it while it is still available.  A portion of the proceeds are donated to LZ Grace Warriors Retreat, Landing Zone Grace (LZ-Grace) provides a place of respite for combat weary warriors and their families.

Please feel free to visit them here: www.lz-grace.com



A white wine named for our grandaughter Giana. A blend of Virginia Rkatsitelli and California Chardonnay. The wine, like its namesake is well travelled, a bit fruity, easy-going and just plain nice to be around.



A red wine blend meaning “my sister”, named in memory of Ana’s late sister, Maria.  A Virginia blend of oaked Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Petite Verdot. Fine to age a bit, or to drink now with grilled red meat topped with crumbled bleu cheese.


When you drink with us, you're drinking with family.