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 ​Wine Pairing:


Sweet and sour, balanced like the wine, peaches are combined with apples, sugar, corriander seed and vinegar and cooked to a wonderful sticky consistancy. Great slathered, yes I said slathered, on grilled pork tenderloin.


Wine Pairing:

Wild River Red

Freshness from cucumber and zucchini, crunch from apples, heat from black pepper, and highlighted with sweet dark cherry puree to enhance the dark fruit in the Wild River Red.

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The very first winery I worked for (In Livermore, CA) held an annual event for Cinco De Mayo, and they would put out a couple homemade salsas. They were pretty ordinary, and I thought I might be able to 'spice' them up. The next year, we tasted the wines to be released and created salsas that “paired” with the wines. We couldn't fill the bowls fast enough!

When we moved to Virginia, we still sent our homemade, all-natural salsas out to California, paired with new wines for the annual event. Once we opened Cardamon Family Vineyards, we began pairing our own wines with our salsas to give each of them a unique flavor that often will change the taste of the wine (for the better, of course!).

Now, we have close to 90 different salsa recipes, collected in our 'Salsavino' cookbook, and we create a new salsa for every wine we make! Stop in to see how we add the spice of life to our wines, or buy our book to taste all of our salsa pairings!


Wine Pairing:


 A cooked blend of Tomatillos (like a little green tomato in a husk), onion, Jalapeno and garlic. Once pureed dried mangoes are added. After cooling we add some ripe mango and tarragon. A favorite all year long.


Wine Pairing:

Peter Pie

Molé is a name given to myriad Mexican sauces, usually combining chilies with chocolate. Our take on the sauce adds cherries and blackberries, tomato and some onion. Eaten with chips or cooked over meat, it is a fabulous salsa throughout the seasons.